Dig, first day

On 8/24/11 at 9.30 a.m., this time with a hoe and a shovel, we went to the right edge of the crater next to a steep wall with loose rocks. The rocks made it very hard to go to the landing site of the ark.

When we arrived at the landing site, I once again made ​​an attempt to determine the coordinates with a GPS app on my iPhone. This time we briefly had a signal, and the display read latitude 39.44 and longitude 44.15 and exactly at around 3550 meters.

So we were absolutely sure that we were in the right place.

Now, in the middle of this vast, hilly terrain covered with lava stones, we had to make the right 

decision where to dig.

I was firmly convinced that God had made ​​His decision, and everything  worked wonderfully. It really was a miracle - right where we started to dig, we were on the left wall of the ark.

Just like God discribed in the Bible code: 1 m under the surface. The time was right,

God wanted the ark to be discovered.

All unbelievers will have to rethink their ways. Each word in the Bible is true.

Without realizing it directly, we had smashed the wall of the upper floor of the ark while digging. Dark red pieces came up immiediately that we did not yet know how to classify as parts of the wall, so we laid them aside.


Davut and Nuri 
removed very 
large lava pieces
 located above 
the wall in order
 to dig unhindered, 

and rolled them 
down the slope. 

I tried to dig into the 
now exposed ground 
but couldn‘t scratch it
 because without  knowing it,

we were already on Noah's 
stony roof.

After the two had dug about 1 m into the mountain, a cavity appeared.

Davut Ceven in the red shirt has almost his whole body in the cavity.

Even then we did not know that we were on the top floor of the ark. Shortly afterwards I heard Davut Ceven say disappointedly:  "There are no more red parts, I think we are wrong, it's no use."

Depressed and unspeakably sad, I said to the two: "Please give me the pickaxe, I would like to try something else." I started with the hoe only to remove loose stones. Suddenly I saw a straight wall. It was immediately clear to me, that if a straight wall is under so many lava stones, it could only mean one thing:

We had found Noah’s Ark. 

In my exitement about the discovery I shouted in English:

„God is great.“

We hugged and congratulated each other.

God had released the ark, which had been hidden under lava for 4,115 years, 

putting an end to the earlier incorrect claims of discovery.

Outer wall from inside.                                                                                                      Chamber wall.

All the former wood has petrified and become dark red stone.


The Jewish calendar begins with Adam.

In 2011, 5771 years had passed since Adam and Eve.

1656 years passed between Adam and the flood. 

In 2011, Noah's ark was 4115 years old.

I was certain of having found the ark, and we made our descent to the bivouac site.

 We reported our findings to Anne and Ercan and proudly showed them the pictures that we had taken with the iPhone. 


The document, that we found the ark, signed on 8/24/2011 in the presence of my wife, Annegrete Fey:

Gustav Fey, Arnsbacher way 33, 57072 Siegen, Germany

Davut Ceven, mountain guide from Ceven Travel, Dogubeyazit,Turkey

Nuri Ceven, mountain guide from Ceven Travel, Dogubeyazit, Turkey

We found 
Noah‘s Ark just as God described.

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